TotumVos Collagen Chews

Mocha Collagen Chew

Organic, low-acid cold brew is the base of our mocha chew. Each chew contains the equivalent of two tablespoons worth of coffee. The organic cacao powder also contributes a bit of caffeine but—far more importantly—a whopping 40 times the antioxidants found in blueberries, along with calcium and magnesium. 

Includes organic Chicken Bone Broth, Wild-Caught, non-GMO Marine Collagen, Grass-Fed Bovine, 6,500 mg. per chew. 14 per bag.

  • $31.99

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Middleton



Best form of collagen.

The perfect Collagen supplement

I love these collagen chews! The mocha flavor is so yummy. I really enjoy them chilled in the refrigerator. These are so much easier than taking capsules or powder daily. I love that they pack so much collagen and use high quality ingredients. I recommend them to everyone. Thank you for creating such a great product!

Thank you, Marla!

Jess B
Remarkable Support for Rosacea

I gifted these chews to my mom who deals with rosacea, and within two weeks of eating one chew daily, she said her rosacea had reduced by ~60%!!!!! And she immediately set up a subscription to keep the goodness of these chews in her life. She loves the mocha flavor, and enjoys it each morning with her coffee. Thank you, TotumVos!

Brittany W.
Love the taste

Super fast shipping. The first one tasted exactly like how you would expect a collagen supplement to taste like. The second day I started craving them. The third day I had 2. I get a slight energy kick. I love the taste now. Just ordered more! I will update on the skin benefit in a month.