TotumVos Collagen Chews

Lemon Turmeric Collagen Chew

The strong flavor of Italian Volcanic Lemon Juice allows us to fold in a supplemental level of the potent anti-inflammatory organic turmeric into this chew.  The MCT and cocoa butter in the chew make the most potent components of the turmeric more useable by the body.

Lemon Turmeric Collagen Chews include organic Chicken Bone Broth, Wild-Caught, non-GMO Marine Collagen, Grass-Fed Bovine, 6,500 mg. per chew. 14 per bag

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa L.
Lemon tumeric

Excellent flavor and consistency! My favorite out of all of them!

I Love my collagen chews

I have one chew each morning with my vitamin B12 right before I leave the house for work. These taste so good, I could eat the entire container in one sitting. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Great for inflammation

This TotumVos chew is amazing! The combination of Collagen and Turmeric make a big difference in my joint pain and inflammation. The flavor combination is great too!

So happy to hear! Thank you!

Lindsay D.
Delicious way to get your daily collagen!

I've been taking TotumVos daily and it's been great for my skin, nails and joint inflammation. The lemon turmeric flavor is my favorite. It's a lemony treat that's good for you!

Joint pain

This product was recommended by my chiropractor. I've never used any collagen product before. I have found it has helped with my back, also it has helped my finger joints. I used to have a hard time moving certain fingers and they move much easier now. I have consumed both mocha and beet, both AR very tasty. Try this product